Whoot Whoot!

Two hundred and thirty entries for a free copy of my precious Winter Gifts!!! That is 230 people who took the time to click the button! I am over the moon this morning. Which is pretty exceptional considering I stayed up way past my bedtime last night to hang with my peeps! Bon fire, music, frisby, and drinks-how can you go wrong? Well, besides getting said frisby stuck on the roof of your neighbor’s porch roof? Oopsy! :0 Luckily, I have awesome neighbors. So far I’m enjoying Summer and I hope you are as well, preferably curled up with one of my ebooks in the sun! Enjoy!

So, don’t miss out on the Goodreads Giveaway here is the linky thing!


And please send me a comment. If you do, I will put your name in for a SIGNED, yes personally signed by moi, copy of Winter Gifts in PRINT. I love saying that! Also, I have been aquiring some swag to pass out, and…wait! There’s more. A gift basket complete with swag and gift card to Amazon if you find the one word in all of these rambling posts that is the same. It is hidden in here somewhere!:) First one to find it wins the basket so get to looking peeps! Hugs!!


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