Beep, Beep, Boop!


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All right, a Big I’m sorry to all my followers. Rafflecoptor is not working right for me. My giveaway for Winter Gifts Print Release is a bust. I would cry, but my pounding head might just explode. Which would get all over my computer and brain matter is probably not on of those things you can scrub out of a keyboard.

So, here is my solution to this problem. For right now through August 1st. Anyone who leaves a smiley face with a comment on my blog will be entered into a Summer giveaway consisting of one free signed print copy of Winter Gifts, an e-book copy of Spring’s Promise in the format of their choice, a $25.00 gift card from Amazon, and some swag of my choice. I will pick the lucky winner on August 1st at 7pm.

Follow along for the next month as I share some info with you. The more you comment, the more entries you can earn! Oh, a little fun, there will be one common thread in my posts. If you can figure it out first, then you will receive a wine gift basket made by moi!! Have a great day and don’t miss out! The fun starts here and now. Comment and share my lovelies!!


6 thoughts on “Beep, Beep, Boop!

  1. pamela says:

    i am an avid reader that joined plenty of review reading groups. anytime you would like a book reviewed please email me a gift through amazon and i will comment after reading it my email address is

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