Winners of Twelve Days of Mistletoe Madness!!

Summer's MM Photo!!!I know, I said it would be announced last night, but I was kidnapped by the girls and dragged-kicking and screaming-out for drinks to celebrate. I have the best work buddies. Then I woke to half an inch of ice covering our cars and everything else. I couldn’t even take Sammy out to do his business until I broke through the ice to get the door open. So, here I am finally getting down to business after making sure everything that can be charged is being charged, just in case we lose power. Fingers and toes crossed that doesn’t happen. The only up side is I can spend time with my writing family and get some much needed house work done. Yeah to the computer work and boo to the housework, but you didn’t come here to listen to me whine. On to the exciting part…

Now, I want to thank and give a big net hug to all of the talented and wonderful authors who took the time to post on my blog these last two weeks. You guys and girls are so awesome! I hope Santa knows how good you’ve been and gives you lots of yummy treats for Christmas.

Here’s the list of winners. Be on the lookout for your prizes and thank you so much for entering the contest!

Angela Boudreau Searles- $25 Gift Card to Amazon and one free e-copy of Mistletoe Madness by Kelliea Ashley

Tracey Steinbach- One free e-book by Author Raven McAllan

Jen Linn Dale- One free e-book by Author Dianne Hartsock

Summer Ross- One free copy of Winter Gifts by Kelliea Ashley

Jill Prandstatter- One free e-book by Author Dee Dee Symms

Dianne Hartsock- One free e-book by Author Kelly Ryan

Patti Bouchey- One free copy of Mistletoe Madness by Kelliea Ashley

Karen Turner- One free e-book by Author KD Rose

Megan Leigh- One free e-book by Author Kirsten Blacketer

Cngrats to all of the winners and a warm hug to everyone who entered the rafflecopter! I can’t wait to do this again, but it will have to wait until after the chaos of the holidays!! If you haven’t picked up your copy of Mistletoe Madness, it is now available on the Breathless Press website,, Bookstrand, Goodreads, and now Amazon. Have a wonder holiday everyone and thanks for all the wonderful comments!! 🙂


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