It is Release Day for Mistletoe Madness!!!

It is here. It came without ribbons, it came without tags, it came without packages, boxes, and bags… Instead, it came with a Ribbon of Darkness, Blood Rose, and hash-tags! Mistletoe Madness ends on a Timeless Night, a Silent Night. One filled with a Christmas Eve Surprise and An Irresistible Shadow to help with Erasing Shadows from our sight. Thank you for Boarding the reading train to Miss Simpkins’ School with Lydia to wish a Merry Christmas Shelton. I’m happy you joined me in getting to know and respect these wonderful authors. I hope in these last twelve days that we left you with far more than a Fractured Legacy and Flashes of Me!

Whew…*wipes forehead* I wasn’t sure I could get all of the titles in there. Now, I wouldn’t subject all of these talented and busy authors to my holiday questions without bothering to answer them for myself. So, here is what I love about this magical time of year.

1. If you could have one of your characters under the Christmas tree to unwrap who would it be and why? This might get me in trouble with the hubby, but I love the romantic side of Dane Jordan. He sees a romantic date as a winter-time picnic and skating.

2. What is your favorite holiday tradition? My husband introduced me to Emmitt Otter’s Jug Band Christmas the first Christmas we were together. We cuddle up with our little fur people, mugs of hot cocoa, and watch it in our pjs.

3. Real Christmas tree or artificial? I’d love a real tree, but my allergies would not. Artificial tree every year.

4. What is your favorite holiday treat? Candy, cocoa, eggnog…ect. Cocoa. I’m a chocolate fanatic!

5. Do you like to wait until Christmas morning to unwrap your gifts, or are you the kind of kiddie who unwraps a few the night before? My mother used to let me unwrap one present on Christmas Eve, so we keep that tradition alive in her memory.

6. What is your favorite Christmas movie? A Christmas Carol. Love Dickens!!!

7. What is your favorite Christmas song? I want to be adult and say White Christmas, but I have to admit it. I still love Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.

8. What would you most like to see under your tree this year? A new car wouldn’t fit under there… Hmm… I have to say I have everything I could want this year. I would accept my family, those here and passed, good health, and happiness to everyone else.

9. What was your most embarrassing Christmas gift? I don’t think I’ve ever been embarrassed by a gift. However, I did receive the corniest Christmas sweater with a big reindeer with lights wrapped around his antlers. My mother insisted I wear it all day long. I was sixteen and it was so…not cool!!lol

10. Do you hang a mistletoe and if so, who is your favorite person that you’ve kissed beneath it? I’ve never actually hung one, nor has anyone in my family, so alas, no mistletoe kisses for me. That’s why I felt compelled to write about some steamy smooches under the holly. 🙂

Since it is release day, I’m going to promo  my Christmas story and give you all a little peek at it.


Mistletoe Madness Blurb:

 Christmas is hard for Izzy to face, but when her grandmother gives her magical mistletoe she may find a new love for the season.

 Who would have thought a bunch of English holly could change Isabella Cortez’s life forever? Izzy doesn’t know what to think when her grams gives her the holly and insists she hang it in her apartment. Grams has always been the superstitious, gypsy of the family. When she foretells that the mistletoe will make the man of her dreams profess his love for her, Izzy’s more than a little worried, especially when the man she’s been seeing calls to ask her to dinner. Can she accept love from the man who might ask for her hand when another has always secretly held her heart?

Dane Johnson is an ex-SEAL who bought a personal gym in a small town. He was looking for the promise of a peaceful life, but what he got was a drenched woman trying to fix a flat tire in the middle of a rainstorm. They quickly became friends and he had to hide his true feelings for her beneath a layer of meaningless dates that didn’t go anywhere.  This Christmas feels different, though. Izzy has finally dumped the stuffed shirt she’s been seeing and made a real effort to celebrate the holiday season. Now, all he needs is a small miracle to get her to open her heart and mind to the love he’s been carrying for her all this time.

Mistletoe Madness Excerpt-

“Um…Izzy, about what happened—” He rubbed a hand on the back of his neck in a gesture that spoke volumes. It was his tell that he was uncomfortable with the present conversation. Izzy fought the wave of disappointment as her ego took the hit. Just because her girly parts were suddenly jumping for joy at his touch, didn’t mean he was feeling the same temptation. She wasn’t exactly his type of woman, either. Dane was an exercise junky. All his women went to his gym and had tall, slim figures. She, on the other hand, was on the shorter side of average with more padding on her hips and thighs than she was comfortable with. No, she wasn’t his type. The sooner she got back to feeling like his sidekick, the better.

“Nothing happened.” She shrugged her shoulders, her arms dropping to her sides as she bit her lower lip hard. I am such a liar! Two more minutes of staring into those beautiful eyes of his and I would have been begging to lick my ice cream off his naked chest!

“What if I wanted something to happen?” His eyes were guarded as he watched her closely.

“What?” She could have sworn the rug shifted beneath her feet but knew it was her head spinning with the question she never thought to hear from her best friend.

“You do realize I’m not gay, right?” His grin could charm the panties off a mother superior.

“Yeah. I just—You never—” Oh heavens! Her body was burning up like a hay bale doused in gasoline, and all he was doing was running those hungry eyes over her body. At this rate my panties are going to burst into flames!

“We’re friends!” she blurted out as she fought to deny the attraction sparking between them. His head snapped back as if she’d sucker punched him. For a split second she recognized the hurt expression he was quick to hide behind a slow breath and a shrug that came off as far too casual.

“You’re right. We are friends.” He stood up away from the wall and turned to leave the room. Izzy rolled her eyes up in a silent plea for guidance, her gaze colliding with the red and green bunch of leaves hanging over his head as he ducked beneath it.

“Dane!” Her outburst had him swinging around to catch the mistletoe right in the face. He grimaced as he bent his head to look at her. She moved before she could talk herself out of it.

“Izzy?” He caught her around the waist as she charged right into his chest, sinking her fingers into his still-damp hair. Sighing, she tugged his head down to hers.

I know, you are all wanting to see who won the rafflcopter! You will find out tonight at 7pm. I will tell you that there were 283 entries and I am over the moon about it! Thank you so much to those who took the time to put their names in. Come back tonight and I will list the winners chosen by Rafflecopter and their prizes! It is an early Christmas surprise!!!:)

If you would like your own copy of my e-book, you can find it at the links below. Amazon isn’t up, yet. It will be here soon, though. A big thank you to all of the authors who donated books and those who posted on this hop. Love you guys! Merry Christmas and I wish you all a very prosperous and happy New Year!!! Hugs for you all!


2 thoughts on “It is Release Day for Mistletoe Madness!!!

  1. gayl taylor says:

    Congratulations on your release! I can’t wait to read it.

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