Day 11 is here and that means one more day until Mistletoe Madness Breaks Out!!

It is Day 11 of the Twelve Days to Mistletoe Madness. I just can’t believe the hopping is almost over. Two days until the official release of my Christmas book from Breathless Press. It is like an early Christmas present for me. One I don’t have to wait much longer to unwrap. It is available for preorder for those of you who want to be among the first ones to receive it. Here is the link-

You can also win a free copy of Mistletoe Madness by joining the raffle. A $25 gift card to Amazon and several other e-books that were kindly donated by some of my guest authors are also up for grabs. Don’t forget to click here…a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now, before I chatter on more, I need to introduce you to the lovely Torie James who took time out of her holiday shopping to join me! She is as talented as she is beautiful!

terri mcglade pic

1. If you could have one of your characters under the Christmas tree to unwrap who would it be and why? Hands down it would be my Alexander from “Timeless Night”. He is High Level Sexy and Delish, not to mention I think a man like Alex could handle the craziness that is me!
2. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Day after Thanksgiving, the whole family puts up the Christmas decorations. Usually much hilarity ensues with much grumbling that “we aren’t doing this again.” We always do.
3. Real Christmas tree or artificial? I prefer real. I love the smell!
4. What is your favorite holiday treat? Candy, cocoa, eggnog…ect. Eggnog! I have a problem with it that can and often does lead to furtive sipping during late night snack calls.
5. Do you like to wait until Christmas morning to unwrap your gifts, or are you the kind of kiddie who unwraps a few the night before? Family tradish states we all get to open one on Christmas Eve.
6. What is your favorite Christmas movie? “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”
7. What is your favorite Christmas song? “You’re a Mean One, Mister Grinch.”
8. What would you most like to see under your tree this year? Hard one to answer but let’s refer to my above question, Number One. *grins*
9. What was your most embarrassing Christmas gift? Lingerie, years ago, from my Gramma. I was mortified. Kinky lady, my gramma.
10. Do you hang a mistletoe and if so, who is your favorite person that you’ve kissed beneath it? We haven’t hung it in ages, but I’d have to say, most memorable smooch under the ol’ ‘toe, was a friend of mine, Chris Watson. It started out friendly enough on my end but he kind of took it up a notch!

OH…Torie, you are the first one to have smooched under the mistletoe like my characters Izzy and Dane!! I am so very jealous of you!!! And you go Chris for upping the ante!!! LOL

Timeless Night is a new twist on the King Arthur tale. It was a really great read and I loved the twists and turns that kept me reading and editing well into the night. Alex can find his way under my tree as well…Sh…don’t tell the hubby. 🙂

terri mcglade cover

Timeless Night by Torie James
In an epic battle of good versus evil, one woman finds herself the focal point of a magical feud. Sabrina thought she knew who she was until a knight of long ago returns to steal her heart.
If you could live forever, what would you choose to live for? I chose love…
A silent guardian, Alexander has walked the corridors of time in pursuit of an end to a haunting prophecy. Sabrina has lived a life surrounded by modern magic, unaware that the greatest and deadliest of powers reside within her own soul. If it only takes the light of love to ignite the stars, what of the decadent seduction of darkness? All roads don’t lead home and some myths only grow into legend.
Excerpt from “Timeless Night”:
Alex kept his eyes on the screen but nodded. “Estimated arrival?”
“I’d say the closest one will be here by late tomorrow or the day after. The others soon should be right behind. “
Bri didn’t speak; she was watching Alex’s thoughtful face as flickering emotions crossed over it. It was a mixture of happiness and reservation.
“So what’s bringing them out then? I mean a few hundred years of silence and now?”
He cast a sideways glance at her. “You. You’re bringing them together. You’re the flame, and they are all moths flying to your side.”
He nodded.” It was like that the first time, too, but for different reasons.
All Merlyn knew was that the convent had been sacked and you were taken. I was there when he heard the news and he sent me to find you, I was the best tracker he knew, I could track a falcon on a cloudy day.” Slight grin of smug pride crossed over his face. “He sent Arthur and Gawain to Avalon to see the damage and they found both Gwen and Nimue the only ones alive. They’d been Viv’s companions and at her command, had hidden when the attack began. After gathering them, they found their way back to me. I’d found Vivianne by then and was en route to Camelot. See the similarities? Things have a funny way of playing out over and over.”
“So, they’re coming because they “felt” me? Why now though? Why not before?”
He gave another shrug. “Best as I can figure from Merlyn’s cryptic comments, the stage is being set much similar to the way it was before, in small ways. I’d say they felt us together. And that called to them. I’m sure they’re as eager as I to finish this dance.”

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Timeless Night is available for purchase at:

Don’t miss out on this wonderful tale! I’d like to thank Torie for coming on my blog today to celebrate the 12 days leading up to the release of my Christmas romance, Mistletoe Madness! As always I want to wish her and her family a wonderful holiday season!


3 thoughts on “Day 11 is here and that means one more day until Mistletoe Madness Breaks Out!!

  1. My grandma is the kind of lady to do that to someone too. 🙂

  2. Torie says:

    Kelliea..the pleasure was all mine and thank you so so much for having me on your blog. I love you woman and look forward to reading MM soon. Happy Happy and Merry Merry to your and yours! ❤

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