Twelve Days of Mistletoe Madness continues with Lisa Casian!

Day eight and the eloquent Lisa Casian is hopping on over to share in the celebration of my new release! Lisa is the author of Bloodrose published by Breathless Press. She has also answered my questions and is giving us a sneak peek of her e-book. I am proud to say I stuck my editorial fingers in this story and it is one that will captivate you and keep you on the edge of your seat. Before I let you meet Lisa, I would love for you to enter the raffle. A gift card for Amazon and several free e-books are up for the winning. a Rafflecopter giveaway

 So, without further delay here is the lovely Lisa Casian…

1. If you could have one of your characters under the Christmas tree to unwrap who would it be and why? I’d have to say Colin, from Bloodrose. He’s so naïve and chivalrous. I have to teach him a thing or two about the real world.

2. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Putting up the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music with my family. Even the teenagers.

3. Real Christmas tree or artificial? Artificial. We did the real tree one year and I got poked and had pine needles in my house through Spring. I’m good with fake.

4. What is your favorite holiday treat? Candy, cocoa, eggnog…ect. – We make something called Coquito. It’s a Puerto Rican version of eggnog.

5. Do you like to wait until Christmas morning to unwrap your gifts, or are you the kind of kiddie who unwraps a few the night before? Oh, no. Santa (ahem) leaves the gifts under the tree and we open them up Christmas morning.

6. What is your favorite Christmas movie? I still watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. I actually have the DVD’s and yes…even my twenty-one year old has to watch it with me. I love terrorizing my kids.

7. What is your favorite Christmas song? Oh, Holy Night.

8. What would you most like to see under your tree this year? A laptop. Mine is fried.

9. What was your most embarrassing Christmas gift? Hm…No. I can’t think of one. But now that you mention it, I might just have one for my husband. **inserts evil laugh**

10. Do you hang a mistletoe and if so, who is your favorite person that you’ve kissed beneath it? Nope. No mistletoe.

Lisa, I might just have to beg you to share your recipe for Coquito!!! It sounds yummy! My house is becoming the place where laptops come to die as well…*sigh* My oldest one only works if I prop it up and blow a fan on it. The newest one simply refuses to do track changes for editing and has a mind of its own! My hubby is in the process of building me a new desktop in the hopes that I won’t kill it! “Yeah, good luck with that!” – I told him. LOL

Don’t forget to check out Lisa’s e-book. What a lovely cover to go with an intriguing story.

lisa casia cover

Isabeau’s life is haunted by nightmares her brother insists are a lie. Bowen’s looking to revenge himself against his father while helping his friend. When they meet, all hell breaks loose against Isabeau. Can Bowen protect her? Is love ever the safe choice?

Newly convinced by a mentor to value human life, Bowen, a Shade Hunter, has withdrawn from aristocratic society in pursuit of the creature that made him into the evil that consumes him—his father. Bowen’s plans are thwarted when he assists a wealthy earl in finding his missing fiance�. He’s drawn to the man’s beautiful sister, Isabeau. Bowen soon realizes that their fates are intertwined and she’s aroused a passion in him he’d never thought possible.

Isabeau Harington has always lived in fear. Surviving an attack that killed her parents, she always believed the monsters would return for her. When she meets Bowen, a mysterious, charismatic stranger who drives away those fears, she learns that the very man she’s falling in love with may be in league with the monsters hunting her. As a pawn in an Immortal’s scheme, Isabeau must make the ultimate decision—love or safety?

The link below will take you directly to Bloodrose’s Breathless Press buy link. I made it easy for you. 😉

I want to thank Lisa for helping me celebrate my up-coming release! I hope she gives us lots more stories filled with adventure and romance. One can never have too much of either! Happy Holidays to all who have read this far. It is shaping up to be a white Christmas here in Northern New York as the snow is falling in blizzard fashion. Safe travels to all!:)


2 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Mistletoe Madness continues with Lisa Casian!

  1. lisacasian says:

    Thanks for having me. My hubby is looking for a laptop for me too. I need something on the go. I have to find that Coquito recipe and I’ll post it in the comments. =)

  2. I’ve never done the mistletoe thing either! Hope you get your new laptop for Christmas!!

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