Mistletoe Madness Day 4 with Dee Dee Symms!!

12 Days of Mistletoe Madness and this is day 4! Before you get to know a bit about Dee Dee you should add your name to the raffle for the chance to win a gift card from Amazon or a free e-book from some of our authors! Click the blue link below. It is easy and safe fun!

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Dee Dee Symms is here to share in the holiday fun. Here’s his take on some Christmas favorites…
1. If you could have one of your characters under the Christmas tree to unwrap who would it be and why?
Veve Rouselette because she’s so incredibly poised as a model and yet cares about others, too. Plus, she’s got a bit o’kink in her.
2. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Seeing the Rose Parade floats being built. It’s a reminder another year has come and holds promise for the New Year.
3. Real Christmas tree or artificial? Real I like, but we have an artificial. It is more practical.
4. What is your favorite holiday treat? Candy, cocoa, eggnog…ect.
Hot cider and any cookie I can lay my hands on.
5. Do you like to wait until Christmas morning to unwrap your gifts, or are you the kind of kiddie who unwraps a few the night before?
I only unwrapped the night before when I was 5 and got my mom mad. I wait.
6. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
It’s a Wonderful Life. Surprise! Although I didn’t see it for the first time until I was in my late 20s.
7. What is your favorite Christmas song?
O Holy Night. It’s very profound.
8. What would you most like to see under your tree this year? Days filled with 8 hours where I can successfully divide my time between my non-fiction and fiction.
9. What was your most embarrassing Christmas gift?
A Santa tie.
10. Do you hang a mistletoe and if so, who is your favorite person that you’ve kissed beneath it?
We haven’t hung up a mistletoe. I’ll see if I can find one this year.

On to Dee Dee’s Boarding published by Breathless Press. I’m very proud to say I had a couple fingers in the editing for this one. It is one of favorites and I hope everyone grabs a copy from BP’s website or wherever e-books are sold!

boarding deedee‘s


DD Symms Boarding Blurb and Excerpt


Forced to choose between the love of her life and the chance of a lifetime, Jessie Carter discovers true friends are life’s greatest pleasure.

Jessie Carter is visiting New York City when she gets the chance of a lifetime: to design a dress in one day for the model she reveres, Veve Rouselette.

Jessie’s entrepreneur boyfriend, Raymond, fears losing her to a pursuit of fruitless dreams and wants her to settle for a position in his high tech firm.

She finds herself attracted to the bisexual lover and assistant to the model’s manager, Callan Delongpre, who encourages her talents. With sensual tastes and raw sexuality he shows Jessie a world she only fantasized about.

In a race against the clock, Jessie must conquer her boyfriend’s challenges and a gossip columnist’s mission to destroy Veve’s reputation.


Jessie brushed back a curl of her red hair, wet from the rain that soaked her after the taxi mistakenly dropped her off one block away from Twenty-Third Street and Park Avenue. A droplet from the tip of a curl landed on her neck and trickled down her shoulder blade like an ant with tiny feet tickling her flesh.

She leaned back against the chair and wiggled, but the droplet had already zigzagged to the waistband of her panties and to the valley of her ass. Wiping it away at this point would have been awkward and impolite, so she concentrated on him studying her sketches, fighting to keep her eyes open and ignoring the pounding

sensation in her temples. At least he could offer her a bottle of


He lifted his shoulders, glanced out the window, and ran a

finger along his chin. She brightened and waited. He lowered his

head. Good Lord, don’t tell me this is round two. The weariness from the British Airways flight that she boarded after her design competition in London had her tight in its grip.

The craft had dipped and rolled through a storm over the Atlantic like a gravity-defying roller coaster at Six Flags and she had deplaned at JFK Airport only four hours earlier with legs weak like boiled spaghetti.

All she wanted was for him to say yes or no—to accept or reject her fashion concepts. Jessie fantasized about gripping his collar and running her nose against his tan face and chiseled jaw. She would whisper how much she admired his wide shoulders

and sturdy neck and if he would say something, then he could do anything to her he damn well pleased.

That way she could retreat back to the hotel to take a nap, a warm bath, and enjoy the remainder of her Tuesday afternoon. Ugh. Using sex just to get something was repulsive and only added to the stress. She crossed one denim-clad leg over the other

to keep from sliding along the vinyl upholstery and into a heap on the floor.

The thought of actually meeting someone connected to Veve Rousoulette had been a long-anticipated dream that played out while Jessie planned to escape her one-bedroom apartment in the Los Angeles enclave of Van Nuys. She’d fly confidently to New York, rent a luxury sedan, and then waltz in to an elegant room and shake the model’s hand while her people eagerly reviewed a portfolio of innovative sketches.

Reality wasn’t as neat or simple.

I’d like to thank Dee Dee for being a part of this blog hop. Boarding is a great read so don’t forget it is available on Breathless Press’ website and where e-books are available, as well as Mistletoe Madness for preorder!



3 thoughts on “Mistletoe Madness Day 4 with Dee Dee Symms!!

  1. Oh, I wouldn’t mind finding Callan under my Christmas tree! Great book, Dee. Jessie’s a strong character and I hope to see more of her soon. 🙂

  2. Great excerpt and a tie- i didn’t think a tie could be embarrassing. 🙂

  3. They all look great reads! My favorite Christmas gift was the 101 Dalmatian watch my mom got me when I was 26!!! 🙂

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