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Hi! I’m joining in on the Diva Ladies Thanking the Authors Blog Hop. I’d love it if you play along. There will be loads of giveaways and prizes to win! To win a free copy of my e-book, Enemy Mine from Breathless Press all you have to do is share. When you are finished you can click the link below to return to the other blogs. Have fun and enjoy a sneak peak of Enemy Mine below!
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Enemy Mine Sexy Snippets. I love these!!!   EnemyMine_140

“Hey! What are you doing?” She looked up, a pretty smile on her serene face as her hands went to the strings at her hips. Holding his gaze with a boldness he found both intimidating and exhilarating, she unwrapped her skirt to toss it on the same bush as the towel. His breath caught in his throat as her arms crossed over her waist. Long fingers gripped the white cotton of her shirt to slowly pull it off over her head.

“I should think this river is big enough to hold the two of us without a meeting, Mr. Holt.” Her saucy grin had him sinking lower in the water as she stood there in a satin slip that lovingly hugged every curve of her body. He didn’t get the chance to agree or disagree as she dove with elegant grace into the river ahead of him.

Travis watched for her head to pop up close to him, but wonder turned to alarm as the minutes passed with no disturbance in the water’s glassy surface. Fear burned in his gut as he swung around to look behind him. Was this Witch able to change into a fish? He knew there were those within the brotherhood who swore the Witches could shift into animals. If so, he might find himself the bait for a shark or a piranha.

“Chilling, isn’t it?” He turned quickly toward her soft voice, sending water splashing around him as he came face to face with her, instantly caught in a pair of sparkling green eyes. Her dark hair clung to her head in wet strands that glowed blue with the kiss of the moon. She laughed, the musical notes of her voice heating his blood as he stared at her beauty, spell-bound and helpless to defend against her. “A moonlit dip is soothing, but you stand there as stiff as a statue, Mr. Holt. What holds you back from enjoying the pleasure of a swim?” She tilted her head as her dark brows nearly touched with her questing search of his face. Her eyes widened suddenly, and a sly grin lit her features. “I see. You are shy. Tell me, are you one who prefers the company of men over that of a woman?”

“What? No…” He lost his train of thought as she laughed and moved closer in the water. A brush of her bare leg against his had him stepping back and almost slipping in the sandy bottom of the river bed.

“Come, I have no quarrel with men whose sexual appetites go beyond the border of society’s pretentious restrictions.” She twirled in the water, easily going under to reappear closer to him.

“Lady, you don’t have any idea how far I can push those boundaries.” He’d had enough of her teasing and taunts regarding his masculinity. Before he thought better of his actions, his hands reached out and caught her waist to yank her against him with an impact leaving her gasping in shock. Green eyes widened in alarm and surprise as her hands caught at his bare shoulders.

“Does this give you any doubts about where my sexual hungers lie?” He ground out through clenched teeth. To hold her soft flesh against his skin was an unexpected temptation. One that Travis thought he might be able to use against the Witch. If her clinging hands and quickened breathing were to be believed, then she was just as affected by the way their wet bodies met and matched in a perfect communion of opposites. Where he was solid and firm, she was soft and yielding. Her silken legs tangled in his as he kept her from touching the bottom.


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