Release Day for Enemy Mine and Kick off to Nanowrimo!!! Yeah!!!

It is here folks, release day for my new Paranormal, Enemy Mine! It is available to check it out on the Breathless Press website, Amazon, Allromancee-books and Bookstrand! I would love some reviews as well. Hope you all like it.

And the second reason I’m over the moon today, kicking off Nanowrimo month!!!! I am writing on the second book for Winter Gifts. A lot of people asked for Rebecca’s story, so I’m writing it for my Nano month. I will post my word counts on every Sunday morning. And plan to keep everyone in the know about my progress. I’m thinking of having a contest about it as well. I’d like to add a couple new characters and I need names, so stay tuned to get the chance to give me names. Prizes will be available as well. I can’t wait!!! Night all!!! Off to  write at least one page on It before I hit the bed.


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