Safe in Your Arms Sneak Peak for Sunday!

Hi all! Happy Sunday!                                                      safeinyourarms_200x300

Well, I thought you might like a little sneak peak into my first tip-toe into the blending zombie horror with romance. I hope you like it enough to grab a copy before the zombie’s of October grab you! And don’t forget that October is Zombie month for Breathless Press, which means more titles in this genre. I’ve read a few and they are good!

Safe in Your Arms Sneaky Peak!:0

Gabe turned back to stare out at the river with a startled exclamation. Had he actually just thought of Mina Brady as his? What was he, a glutton for punishment? She didn’t want anything to do with him when they were living in a sane world. There was no reason to think she might have changed her mind now that they were in a survival situation. He shook his head, sending drops of water flying off his face.

The plan had been to get her to her summer house and leave her there to her family. Nothing had changed since then. “Damn!” Everything had changed. She’d somehow dug her pretty little claws into him once more, only this time was so much worse because now he knew how she felt lying beneath him. He craved her sweet kisses, missed her nails raking down his back and the wild little mewing cries she tried to hold back when he thrust into her waiting depths.

It wasn’t just the sex, though. He loved her kick-ass attitude and the way she bravely faced death head on. She had listened to him as well. It hadn’t been her screams that alerted him to the danger she was in. It had been his sister’s deep growl and the splintering crash of the bathroom door caving in. Any other woman would have screamed like a banshee. His Mina had only pulled her weapons and tried to defend herself. A remnant of his fear when he saw Isabella over her ran down his back. He slammed the boat in park with the motor idling and turned to stare at her.

“What’s wrong?” Fear filled her widened eyes as he moved toward her. Kneeling before her, he grabbed her face and kissed her hard. Her fingers dug into his arms as she met his tongue stroke for stroke. Desperation flavored their kiss, blending deliciously with her fear and his need to possess her.

“Mina, I’m sorry.” He muttered as he broke the kiss. She shook her head and placed tiny kisses on his cheeks and nose.

“It isn’t your fault.” She looked into his eyes, into him as she smiled. “No more apologizing, you’ll give us both a complex.” He found himself grinning as she went back to kissing him. He captured her mouth, holding her head as he deepened the kiss. Lust and need exploded between them, blocking out everything. The rain, the sound of the boat beneath them, and the waves against the hull, all disappeared as he reached for the ties on her life jacket. He paused to look at her.

“Will you be all right without this, Duchess?”

Mina looked down at the vest and then back up at him. “Don’t you know by now that the only place I feel truly safe is in your arms, Gabriel Landing?” She laughed and tugged at the clips to shrug out of the vest, then she launched herself at him, knocking him back to the carpeted floorboard of the boat. Her teeth nibbled at his lower lip as her hands dove under the wet cotton of his shirt.

Image    This gif is supposed to change when you click on it, not sure if it is gonna work. It came from Breathless Press for promo, unfortunately I’m Techno-challenged!LOL


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  1. If you would like to purchase Safe in Your Arms, you can click on the cover art for it and presto! You’ll be taken right to the buy link!

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