Zombies are taking over Breathless Press! First up is Safe in Your Arms! Pre-order Now!

Safe in Your Arms by Kelliea Ashley


Mina’s mission is to reach her family’s summer home, but when zombies attack she finds an unexpected savior in Gabriel Landing.

When the worst happens and zombies take over, Gabriel Landing finds himself in an impossible situation. Rescuing a girl, who wouldn’t give him the time of day when things were right, is more than his already full plate can handle. He finds himself walking a fine line between wanting to keep her and knowing that the thing he hides could destroy them both.

Mina Brady never expected to run into her summer crush while trying to outrun zombies. She finds herself depending on Gabriel Landing to keep her safe from the Z’s who have taken over the world. Surviving the undead is a piece of cake, compared to fighting her attraction to Gabe. Yet when she goes against his orders to stay put in a cave, she discovers he’s been keeping a dangerous secret that could eat them both.

Preorder for $3.59 (regular $3.99)


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