I’m hosting fellow author Bobbi Brattz this weekend! Come meet and get to know her!

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I’m excited for lots of reasons. The first being that this is my little niece, Terri’s first birthday weekend! She’s adorable and I can’t wait to watch her devour her cake and play with the boxes to her toys! Secondly, Safe in Your Arms is on pre-order at Breathless Press on sale! This is a good weekend coming. I’m also counting my time spent with the talented Bobbi Brattz as a major plus! I hope you join us and get to know her!


What is your favorite genre and why?

    I love paranormal romance because I write it with psychics with special abilities. The possibilities are endless.

 Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Chocolate of course.

Do you have kids or pets?

Both, three adult kids, 4 grandkids, three dogs and two cats.

Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you.

I’m disabled with Bipolar II disorder but I use my disability as an ability to write.

What motivates you to write?

A love of writing. I immerse myself  in a world of fantasy when I write. I enjoy writing about their lives.

Who is your favorite character-book, movie, or real? And why?

Strider in ‘The Lord of the Rings is my favorite character in my favorite book. He’s dark and sexy, handsome and has an alpha male complex. What a hotty!

Have you ever had writer’s block? If so, what helped you get past it?

I get it all the time. I usually either read the previous chapter or work on a different book for a while then come back to it. Works every time.

What advice would you give to a first time author?

Never give up on your dreams whether you have goals to be on the top ten list of the NYT or not.

Do you prefer to use an outline, or let your characters move the story along?

I write down a character map so I can reference it while I write. The story builds as I write but I do have a beginning, middle and an end mapped out.

How long have you been writing?

I had a severe breakdown in 2002 and couldn’t talk or think, but when I started writing down my feelings in a journal, I decided it was time to continue writing stories as I did when I was a child.

When did you know you were a writer?

I’ve always been an author. At eleven years old I’d write plays and run them in my mother’s garage, charging local kids five cents to admit them.

Do you want to tease us with any of your works in progress?

I’m writing book two of the Dr. Love Shark series, The Kegelmeister. Yummy!

Is music a factor for you while you are writing? Do certain songs put you in the right frame of mind to write certain stories?

I prefer to write in total silence so I’m not distracted. I love music but it takes my attention away from my characters.

What do you feel is the most important thing that a first-time author should know? 

Punctuation, grammar, and a spell checker are the most important tools to success. Build your skills one step at a time then have someone who doesn’t try to be nice about issues with your story to proof it. Critiquing is important.

Has there been any character that started off as supporting character, but then developed into a more prominent character?

All the time. I love using characters in my series that already have a base and are alive with a pre-existing storyline.

When and where do you like to write? Are there any favourite places you like to go?

Though most of my works are written right in my living room. I love going to the Caribbean to get ideas while on vacation.

What has been the defining moment in your career that made you think “Yes, I am now a writer!”?

Author Christine Feehan is my idol. She writes so well that I only wish I could live up to her works.

If a movie or TV production company chose to produce your books into a series of shows or movies, who would your ideal cast be?

I love Hugh Jackson as my leading man and Angelina Joli as my heroine. She was awesome in Tomb Raider.

How much of your own personality bleeds into your characters?

They’re all about me. Each character (except the bad guys) has a little part of me in them.

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be doing?

I’d be bored stiff!

What is the next book you’ll write?

I have a number of books on the go. I’ll be working on book three of the Dr. Love Shark series. What’s more fun than being on a resort in Hawaii that teaches people about how to have a better sex life?

Its summer in my part of the world and that means summer blockbuster movies are coming out. Do you have a list of movies like me that you are itching to see or have seen? What about ones coming up? Any that draw your eye to it?

#1 Best Seller, Kelly Armstrong has a movie coming out based on her book and I hope to see more of them. I’m not sure which one it is, but she’s an exceptional author and I highly recommend her books.

It’s a muggy summer by me. What is your favorite cool drink to enjoy during the summer?

Mohitos are delicious. They are made from lime juice and rum…yummy!

Thank you Bobbi for joining me and baring your soul to us. It is an amazing treat to get a glimpse into an amazing author’s life. I’d love to have you visit my blog again and I can’t wait to read Triple Heat and meet Dr Love Shark!


7 thoughts on “I’m hosting fellow author Bobbi Brattz this weekend! Come meet and get to know her!

  1. Hi,Bobbi
    Its nice to meet you. thank you for sharing with some of yourself with us triple heat sounds goods really good..congrats on the book.. Also just wanted to say thank you for sharing about having Bipolar II disorder I have cousin who has it dont think she can write anymore.. now I can tell her she can… excited found a new author to read from.. Have a wonderful day..

    • Bobbi Brattz says:

      Yes, your cousin can write again. It just takes a little practice and a bit of personal push. Once she gets on the right meds, things will smooth out. If she doesn’t take meds, she can try St. John’s Wart. (not with meds though)
      If she wants to contact me and chat about it, my email is para_novel_girl@yahoo.ca
      Thank you for coming to the blog and commenting. I appreciate it. I hope you can read HTH, and get ready for Dr. Love Shark book 2, The Kegelmeister! It’s so much fun.
      Sincerely, Bobbi

  2. Bobbi Brattz says:

    Thank you Sharon. Being Bipolar II, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. With the right medication, I’m doing fantastic. If your friend wants to contact me about it, please give her my email addy: author@bobbibrattz.com I’d be happy to chat about it. The more we talk about mental illness, the less people will fear it.
    I hope you get to read Hawaiian Triple Heat. The second book is waiting for publication: The Kegelmeister, The Dr. Love Shark series.
    Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you sharing with me and our guests.

  3. Bobbi Brattz says:

    Kelliea, thank you for having me here. I’m looking forward to lots of comments and meeting new friends.

    Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to be on my blog as well. Mine’s a bit different. I like to have writers become one of their characters and blog as them. Sound like fun?

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