Bitten by Magic Snippet!

I’m giving you a little taste of Wilhelm’s sexy bite! Hope you enjoy it and lust for more!:)


Sexy Snippet!


“Bastard! I will never marry a barbaric killer like you. Nor will I stay ten more damnable days in this pit!” Angrily, Alexa grabbed the book she’d been reading off the bed and flung it as hard as she could at his head. Her nails dug into her palms as he deftly caught the heavy book and tossed it back on the bed. His eyes flashed blood red as his jaw clenched. “I’m not some child to lock away until you feel like letting me out!”

“I suggest you stop acting like a child, then.” His calm tone was at direct odds with the violence threatening in his gaze. She should have stopped, should have pulled her cloak of indifference tight around her thin shoulders and left well enough alone, but Alexa Carver the woman was incensed by his ill-mannered attempt at handling her.

“Can a child do this?” She hadn’t counted on his speed, nor had she expected him to recognize the signs of a witch about to barbeque him with a light spell. He deftly ducked the tiny ball of energy she flung out at him. It hit the door and fizzled like a sad little spark. She had only raised her hands together for another attempt when his body collided with hers, sending them both back against the wall beside the window.

Alexa’s heart was pounding with fear, frustration, anger and even excitement as she found herself squashed between the cool wall and his hot, hard body. His left hand held her wrists together up over her head while his right grasped her chin, effectively keeping her mouth shut, so she couldn’t hurl curses at him.

“You should never have put up a fuss, Keeper. Since you’re in need of reminding why you are here under my roof and my protection, then there it is.” He easily turned her head so she was staring out the window. “At the gate you’ll see two sets of men standing guard. One set on the outside, one in. Can you guess which one of them are Vampires and which ones are Wolven?” Her intake of air made him smile against her cheek, his earth and rosemary scent teasing her nose as he turned his head to talk into her ear. “Your cousin showed up at the gate two days ago with her Alpha demanding to see you. I sent them away unharmed, a favor to you as our pact remains unbroken. You will behave, eat, and marry me as arranged when the new moon reaches its zenith. If you don’t, then those two at the gate will be the first strike made.”

Alexa recognized one of the Wolven as the Alpha’s second in command. Tray Nibet was a quiet wolf who followed orders and was loyal to a fault. Her body shuddered at the thought. She would be responsible for his destruction if she didn’t go meekly along with the Elder’s wishes.

“You’re a monster,” she said, wincing as he bent his head to her exposed neck. She felt his body move against her as he inhaled her scent deeply. Then there was the unmistakable slide of his warm lips against her skin. A delicious shiver raced down her spine at the simple touch. Whether it was from fear or excitement, she wasn’t quite sure.

“I am.” There was only acceptance in his tone as his warm breath made her shiver in reaction. Her heart was pounding against her ribs, a fact that she knew would only inflame his need to bite, to take her blood. She didn’t want that. A gasp escaped her as sharp teeth caressed her neck to slide along to the point of her shoulder. “I think you need a small reminder to keep you from imagining different.” His words didn’t give her enough warning as she felt the burning pain of his fangs scraping her shoulder.

Alexa closed her eyes, her fingernails biting into her palms as she instinctively felt his need to feed from her. She bit the flesh of her lower lip, forcing back the plea that would make him stop. She was the Keeper of the Treaty and a little bite from a big, bad Vamp wasn’t going to break her. His hair brushed against her face, soothing her even as his mouth threatened to ravish her shoulder. She wasn’t prepared for the strange way her body reacted to him. Heat radiated from the skin beneath his hot mouth down over her suddenly hardened breasts to center in her lower belly as an unfamiliar ache began to pulsate between her legs.

Alexa’s eyes flew open as his body shifted, pressing the undeniable length of his shaft against her tummy. He was fully aroused; making her shocked mind realize what she was feeling was pure animal lust. A small squeak escaped her as she came to that sobering thought.


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