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Okay, everyone! I’m giving my followers a teasing glimpse into the set up for When the Fur Flies. This is the first chapter and I’m hoping that once you read it, you’ll be like me and just have to see where it all goes from there! You can also comment and feel free to give me suggestions on my blog. Happy Reading this pretty summer morn.:)


When the Fur Flies




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                                                           Chapter One

The world was going to hell in a handbasket! At least that was the familiar phrase that came to mind as Allison Carver sat behind the filthy trash cans, watching the chaos unfold before her. The Vampires were on a rampage and they were facing off with the local Wolves. Apparently, the Vamps thought a Wolf took off with their favorite pet. They had no clue that the delicate-looking tabby cat huddled behind the garbage cans had snatched their little blonde toy right out from under their noses. A feeling of pride swelled deep in her chest to fill the gaping hole of loss she constantly carried with her. It was a small victory, but if she could get the two factions to break their Treaty, then perhaps they would wipe each other out and rid the world of both their evils. She could hope.

The Vamps stood twenty strong. Their Enforcers were carefully chosen and trained in all forms of fighting. They were strong, determined, and formidable foes in their black leather clothing. She knew that beneath the long black jackets were more sharp blades than she could ever hope to carry on her small body. She had never fought a vamp Enforcer, nor did she want to…ever.

Her feline eyes focused in on the ten Wolves standing in their human forms on the other side of her. She knew the Alpha Wolven, Reginald Leclair. The Registry of Paranormal Species had him pegged at over a century old, yet he looked young and vital enough for thirty at the most. Jet-black hair curled over his ears and forehead in silky strands of temptation that framed a face perpetually shadowed with scruff on his firm jaws. Though she knew he shaved every morning, unlike the men of her Coven, who couldn’t grow a decent beard without using magical lotions. Reginald’s most attractive features were his deep blue eyes that flashed with a sapphire fire in their depths. A girl could get lost in those eyes. Her tail arced and waved as a shiver of longing traversed her entire body.

Damn, if only her attraction for him made any kind of sense. Dogs and cats were supposed to hate each other, for crying out loud! Witches were the enemy of the Wolves. She wasn’t supposed to want his filthy paws on her body, but she did. Taking a deep breath, she shook her head and concentrated on the tense discussion her two enemies were having.

Warren Montgomery stepped forward, his black overcoat swinging out from his hard body as he moved without making a sound. His spiked blond hair and angular features were attractive, but his narrowed brown eyes held a warning as he watched Reginald approach him.

“Leclair, you are on the wrong side of the tracks.” Montgomery’s silky voice broke the tense silence. He was an arrogant bastard, but nowhere near as confident as Reginald, who folded his arms over a broad chest. Her mouth dried as corded muscles rippled in the huge arms left bare by the black cotton T-shirt that clung to his hard body like a lover’s embrace. Damn, but she envied the hell out of that shirt!

Allison quietly slipped from the center of the smelly garbage cans to find a better angle to watch all the fun. Her body froze as the Alpha’s dark head moved in her direction. It was a brief look, but one that had her heart beating faster than a drum solo. Her small body trembled as she sank down on her belly to watch the confrontation. All she needed was for the sexy Wolf to come take a bite out of her. Oh…but what a way to go.

“As I recall this is the cusp of the full moon, which means you and your faction are supposed to be fasting, Montgomery.” In the darkened alley, Allison’s cat eyes easily discerned one dark brow rising over an icy blue eye. His deep voice sent a shiver of excitement through her fur as she almost closed her eyes to savor the sensation. Biting back the purr humming in the back of her throat, Allison pulled her eyes off the Alpha’s big, yummy body to stare at the Enforcer, who did very little for her, thank the Goddess! Lusting after a Wolf was one thing, lusting after the undead was disgusting, no matter how gorgeous they were designed or how heavenly they smelled.

“You are correct, but circumstances warrant a hunt this night.”


Reginald Leclair hadn’t lived a long life by being foolish. He knew Montgomery’s reputation for making decisive moves based on logic and reason. This Vampire was a cold, calculating enemy. One he didn’t want to fight, but would if it became necessary. Wolvens were not known for backing down from a fight.

“Is that so?” Reginald’s dark head turned only a fraction of an inch toward the stinking garbage cans to his left. He could smell her there among the filthy remains of food and refuse. What the hell did she have to do with this confrontation? He focused back on Montgomery. It wasn’t wise to take one’s eyes off a Vampire Enforcer, not even to catch a glimpse of a pesky little Witch in fur. “Mind if you fill us in on your reasons for stepping over the bounds of the Treaty?”

“I do mind.” Montgomery stepped closer, trying to use the move to intimidate him into backing down. It wasn’t going to happen. “I don’t answer to dogs, Leclair.”

Reginald grabbed the Vampire’s pale neck and squeezed. Satisfaction filled him as he easily lifted Montgomery off his feet. A deep growl emanated from deep within his massive chest as Reginald gritted his teeth in rage. He felt both groups step forward, readying themselves for a battle. One word and the small alley would be an instant battlefield, one that would no doubt nullify the Treaty and endanger his pack.

“I could snap your head right off your shoulders, Montgomery. Answers are the only things that may prevent that.” His growls turned to a chuckle as the Vampire hissed, showing lethal fangs. “Put the sharpies away, pal. I’m not scared of those when I have a full set of my own.” He heard the chuckles behind him and felt the animosity of the Enforcers rise to the bait.

“I’d tell you, but I have a feeling you already know why we’ve come out.”

“Is that so?” All manner of jest disappeared as Reginald sensed the importance of Montgomery’s unspoken accusations. His neck was prickling in a warning of trouble to come. “Please, humor me.”

He set Montgomery back on his feet but kept his fingers firmly on the Enforcer’s throat. He would never get a better opportunity to end the creature before him, but taking the dark one’s life would jeopardize their Treaty.

“I wouldn’t do that. Your head will roll faster than you can pull that knife from your sheath.” He grinned as Montgomery pulled his reaching hand from inside his coat. The Vampire wasn’t stupid, just overconfident.

“The Elder’s intended is missing. Know anything about that?”

Reginald didn’t flinch or look toward the trash cans, but he wanted to. The Elder would not take kindly to losing his future bride. How the hell had she pulled that off? Why the hell were these bloodsuckers laying the blame at his door? A growl slipped out as he glared at Montgomery.

“Now, why would we want anything to do with your Elder’s bride? Our tastes run more to the heart beating, warm-blooded type of woman.” Several of his men standing behind him chuckled at his remark.

“Elaina Dunt is human, will be until she’s bound to the Elder.” Montgomery hissed at him. “She was taken at daybreak. Rival bloodlines would have struck at night. There’s no one else who could have done it, not without taking out the entire Hive, that is. She better be returned before the new moon, Leclair.”

“If that is a threat, it falls on deaf ears. We had nothing to do with this. Nor would my pack lower themselves enough to trespass on your territory.” Reginald thrust Montgomery back away from him. The Vampire widened his arms to hold back his men as they stepped forward, hissing.

“Word on the street says different.” Warren Montgomery narrowed his dark eyes in silent accusation. Reginald sensed he was looking for any sign of guilt.

“Whose word?” The malice in the question had Montgomery smiling, his sharp, white teeth gleaming in the dim light from a streetlamp.

“Her word is trustworthy.”

“Who?” Reginald barked out. His big hands clenched into tight fists at his side. He wasn’t known for keeping his temper when time was so short for the full moon. It took all his power of self-restraint to keep himself from attacking the enemy as his inner Wolf was howling to do.

“The Keeper.”

There was a collective gasp from the Wolven males at his back. A feeling of dread had Reginald curling his hands into fists as he fought to keep his animal from surging to the surface and overtaking him. They had been betrayed by the one Witch who was supposed to protect them.


Allison could feel the astonished shock of the Alpha, but she couldn’t see any form of surprise on his handsome face. Damn. She wanted to strangle her cousin. Alexa couldn’t keep her pert little nose out of her business. Yes, Alexa knew of Allison’s vow to help Elaina Dunt escape the Elder’s cold chambers, but that was no reason for her to lay the trail of blame at the Wolven’s door. Of course, like most of her kind, her cousin hated both the Wolves and the Vamps in equal measure. They were abominations of nature, outside the realm of the pure, and— in most Witch eyes—must eventually be destroyed. Sooner rather than later!

Allison didn’t completely disagree with the sentiment. Both factions preyed on humans for their own pleasure and existence. The Vamps more so than the Wolves, but both were a danger to her charges. Whether the humans knew of her existence or not, she’d made the pledge to protect and care for them. They were the weaker species, but she believed they were more resilient. They loved and lived with a zest for life she wished she could share in, but she was alone. Destined to be alone to carry out her job. Fight the good fight, and eventually bite the fiery bullet some day when her time to cross over came.

The sound of the deep growls emanating from the Alpha’s chest told her it could be sooner than she hoped. She would have to be ready for him. She was smaller, faster, and smarter. Too bad he was stronger… Advantage Wolf.

“She is mistaken, not surprising for a young female with more power than brains.” Her tail puffed out at his slight toward her older kin, and she barely held back the hiss of displeasure.

“The Keeper is neutral. Her word is unquestionable,” Montgomery argued.

“In this instance, she is wrong. You have my word, and I dare you to refute it.” Behind Reginald, his pack seemed to be readying themselves to defend their leader. She knew they would follow their Alpha through the gates of hell, if he so chose to run through them. The Vampires outnumbered them, but the moon was high in the sky, making the Wolven males stronger and faster. These bloodsuckers should be in their darkened Hive, fasting and out of Wolven sights. Unfortunately, thanks to her cousin, they were out on the hunt and looking in the wrong place for answers.

“You have until the new moon, Leclair. At that time the Treaty is null and void. I would rather not dirty my hands with you and your mutts, but I will if Elaina Dunt is not returned to us unharmed by then. We’ll have a wedding or a massacre. Your choice.”


Reginald watched as the Vampires melted into the shadows. He waited several minutes to see if they were coming back. His muscles didn’t relax when they didn’t return. This meant trouble. Trouble he didn’t want or need at the moment, not while his pack was trying to force him to take a mate. He’d remained alone for too long. The pack felt they were weak without a strong alpha pair leading them. They were right to expect him to mate, and he was duty bound to do so—in his own damn time.

He turned to his brothers and flexed his tense shoulder muscles. God, he was feeling old. “Go back and inform the others. I want all ears open for any news of the missing Elaina Dunt. It seems we are involved in this situation, whether we want to be or not.”

“The Keeper of the Treaty must be confronted.” Tray Nibet, his second in command, was eager to go after the traitor. Alexa Carver’s sworn duty was to remain neutral and keep to the treaties, but in this case, she had mistakenly taken a side and would need to be removed. If her act against the Treaty could be proven, then she would not only be removed from her distinguished position, but she’d also lose her life. Proving her misdeed would not be an easy thing to accomplish.

“We’ll talk back at the Den. I will follow shortly.” He knew the furry little ears were listening to them. He also knew the nosy little Witch would die before she let anyone harm her kin.

“You’re not coming with us?” Tray’s red eyebrows rose questioningly.

“I have something to look into. I’ll be there shortly. And Tray, don’t let the pack go hunting without my command.”

“Never, Alpha.” Tray grinned widely before leading the others from the dark alley.

“You can come out now, Kitten.” Reginald crossed his arms over his chest and waited patiently.


Allison’s yellow eyes narrowed at the hated nickname he’d given her the first time they ran into one another. Literally. She’d been new to the change and was experimenting with her new cat body. While running and jumping from fence, to tree, to rooftop she’d accidentally run right into his big, solid body. Thankfully he hadn’t been in Wolf form.  That would have been the end of her. As it was, the collision had knocked her unconscious. She’d woken up in a soft bed under his roof of all places.

One more time she thanked the Goddess that she’d finally mastered the ability to transmutate with her clothes on. Standing in front of the Alpha’s hot, blue gaze was so much easier fully clothed. She fluidly turned back into her human form and stood up to gracefully stare at him. Though her stomach clenched nervously at being the center of his attention, she stood her ground, meeting his gaze with a confidence she was far from feeling. She held her breath as his gaze traveled slowly down her body. She wondered if he noticed all of the changes she’d gone through since he’d last seen her. Back then she was an acne-fighting, chubby sixteen-year-old with a dirty brown ponytail and a bad case of stuttering when he looked her way. She’d spent a week in his home with him, and not once had she been able to finish a sentence without blushing or wanting to hide her face in his bulky sweatshirts.

It was weird, but being with him made her feel like she wasn’t alone. She hadn’t felt accepted since before her parents died, but Reginald had made her feel that way. Leaving the Den to go back to her Coven was like ripping her heart out of her chest. She’d missed seeing him every day only to go back to her lonely existence of studying the craft. Now, here he was, bigger than ever, with his familiar scowl darkening his incredibly handsome face. Her heart started to pound, and she wiped her suddenly sweaty palms on her pants.


Reginald took a deep breath as he studied the changes he could see and sense in her curvy form. The greasy brown ponytail that once made her look like a mousy teen was gone. Now her long chocolate tresses hung in gentle waves over her slim shoulders. Her face was flawless with rosy cheeks beneath amber eyes that were slightly tilted at the corners. He tore his gaze from her cat’s eyes to her mouth and noticed the full lower lip. Even white teeth bit down on it nervously, making him wonder how it would taste between his own teeth. He forced a shallow breath as he dropped his eyes lower. A tiger’s eye necklace nestled at the edge of a tight, black top that hugged rounded breasts, unprotected by a bra.

Allison Carver was an awkward teenager no longer. The Alpha shifted in agitation as a certain member of his anatomy rejoiced at the attractive changes to the woman standing before him. The animal within sat up and took notice, urging his body to harden even more as he inhaled a calming breath only to mentally curse as her unique scent filled his nasal cavity. He’d memorized her scent thirty years ago during one very short week when he was forced to take responsibility for the young Witch’s safety. She’d been a gawky, stuttering teenager with a strong spirit and haunted, pain-filled eyes. The man was relieved to see her back to her Coven, but the animal hated to see her leave the Den.

“Tell me, what has reduced you to hanging around dark alleys in the middle of the night? And don’t tell me you’ve taken up chasing mice behind trash cans.” His arms once more crossed his chest, and his stance widened as if he were chastising a child.


He was speaking to her like a father figure. One who deemed her as nothing more than a wayward teen! She was no longer that girl who needed the big, bad Wolf to protect her while she regained her strength. By the end of this confrontation she was determined that he know it.

“I go where I please, Alpha Leclair.” She braced her hands on her hips as she spoke. Her fingers felt the cold handle of her silver athame strapped to her belt. Those laser-sharp, blue eyes dilated as he immediately dropped his gaze to her hands and hips. The black pants were skin tight for transmutation purposes, but she suddenly felt naked beneath his heated gaze.

“Is that so? All grown up and prepared to fight the world, eh?” He narrowed his eyes as he reached up to rub his scruffy chin. “I assume you heard everything, then.”

“I heard two testosterone-producing chumps discussing a missing girl as if she were a bone to be snapped over.” Allison knew she shouldn’t be antagonizing him, but she couldn’t stop the sarcasm or the challenge in her amber eyes. He was still treating her like a cumbersome child. She puffed out her chest and lifted her chin defiantly. She wasn’t a kid any longer, and if she had to knock him on his firm, mouthwatering ass to prove it… Oh, who was she trying to kid? The Alpha Wolven would eat her up in one bite. She sighed and bit at her lower lip in worry.

“How did you do it, Kitten?” His soft question was at direct odds to the knowing accusation in his blue gaze.

“How did I do what?” She fingered the cool handle nervously only to grit her back teeth when he lowered his gaze to her fingers, again.

“Don’t evade me. I know you’re in this up to your pretty kitty eyebrows. Did you really think the Vampires would just shrug off the disappearance of their Elder’s bride?”

“She’s sixteen years old!” Her passionate response made him frown. He turned his back on her with a vicious curse. She feasted her eyes on the tense muscles in his strong back and wide shoulders. She didn’t want him to be angry with her, so she found herself quick to explain her decision to act on Elaina’s behalf. “She has a family, Leclair. A father and two brothers…” He moved so fast the words clogged in her throat as he pinned her to the cold, damp wall of Medina’s First National Bank.

“You have a family. I have a family to protect. You’ve created a mess and laid it at my door, Witch.” His hands hit her wrists against the cold brick next to her head as he shoved his enraged face so close to hers that she felt his hot breath against her cheeks.

“I d-didn’t lead them in your direction.” She returned his glare with one of her own. “I w-wouldn’t do that to you. I owe you and your pack for-for saving me.” She closed her eyes briefly in mortification. The stuttering had returned the instant his big, warm hands touched her. And what was worse, her knees were threatening to buckle at the contrast between the cold wall at her back and his hard, hot body pressed to her front. She tried to slow her breathing, but there was nothing she could do about the way her body was reacting to his dominance.

“Then it was the Keeper who pointed the Vampires in our direction. She’s a relation of yours, isn’t she?” Reginald growled, sending a vibration through his chest wall that she felt against her suddenly sensitive breasts. Her nipples hardened against his heat. The feeling was delicious and far too tempting. She wanted to rub against him and purr like an infatuated kitten. “Open your eyes, Witch, and answer me.” His commands had her ire rising to her defense. He’d never called her a Witch before, and she didn’t like the insulting tone he was using. Her dark eyes snapped open with hostile intent.

“I’m not one of your pack members, Wolf. I don’t take orders from you.” She was proud her voice was steady and strong. If only she could keep her stuttering to a minimum, she wouldn’t feel like that unsure kid who spent a week following him around like a lovesick child. Her fingers curled, and long, sharp nails emerged from her nail beds. She sank the sharp ends into the backs of his hands. His breath hissed between his teeth, but he didn’t pull away or release her. She smelled the blood as it dripped down the backs of his strong hands. It should have made her sick, but instead she felt heated excitement as hot moisture leaked from between her legs. It was a strange thing to experience for the first time, and she vaguely wondered if she was losing control of her bladder.

Reginald’s nostrils flared, and the blue retinas expanded as he took in a lungful of air. His firm lips curled into a teasing grin that made the sudden ache in her lower belly intensify. “Ah, the kitten has claws, yet her pussy weeps the sweetest form of invitation.” His voice was deeper, silky with male appreciation.

“Why don’t you let me go and see how sharp my claws really are?” She hissed at him with as much rage as she could manage. Her breath caught as he pressed a thick thigh between her legs to rub it against her feminine center. “Stop! What are you d-doing?”

“Oh, pussy cat, pussy cat, how you’ve grown. You’re wet, little cat. Hot and bothered. I’d venture to guess that you’re headed for your heat. Am I right?” His intense eyes lowered to focus on her partially opened mouth. A deep growl emanated from his chest as she moistened her dry lips with her tongue. Holy hell, he was going to be the death of her yet. She had to stop this now!

“Get your hands off me. I didn’t mean to involve your pack, and I’ll m-make it right with the Vamps.”

“How do you plan to do that, Kitten?” He nudged his knee higher and smiled as she gasped at the pressure to her hot little core.

“I’ll tell them the truth. I helped her escape a fate worse than death. She’s safe now. They won’t find her.” Was that her voice? It was breathless and husky. His fault. She frowned at him in accusation. Her lower body ached where his hard thigh was pressing against her. Ached but felt so good. Her panties were soaked with her excitement, and she blushed when she thought he must feel the dampness through his jeans. Goddess! If she was coming into heat, what a hell of a time to start!


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