When the Fur Flies Release coming right up!!!

whenthefurflies 267x400


HI! I am excited and a bit nervous about my second book release, When the Fur Flies. It is a Paranormal Romance and the first book in my Sisters of Fate Series from Breathless Press. I hope everyone takes a peek and buys it. Just three more days til it’s release on Amazon, All romance e-books, Manic Readers, and Book Strand. Here is a sexy snippet from it below…

Reginald felt her pounding heartbeat beneath his lips and smiled. She wasn’t innocent. No innocent kissed like she wanted to devour a man. She lifted her legs around his hips, crying out as he gently nipped the skin at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. The exact spot he’d mark if he were to claim her for his own. He didn’t allow his sharp teeth to break the skin, though. That would release his DNA into her bloodstream and start the change within her. He pulled back, and she lunged forward to capture his mouth once more. He was lost in a need he hadn’t expected as her sweet taste infused him like nectar.
Allison’s nails retracted, but he still held her wrists as his lower body moved against her hard. She was like a living flame, burning him with her touch. She turned her head, her breath wheezing out of her swollen lips as he bit, then licked her earlobe. The sound of a soft purr emanated from her throat, vibrating against his lips as he brushed a soft kiss there before he went slowly back to taste her sweet lips. His little cat hadn’t just grown up; she’d turned into a wanton sex kitten!


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